About Us

My website is dedicated in providing information, techniques and tools in surviving any personal disasters no matter small or large rather than as a community.

Unfortunately I had to endure the grief and the consequential pain both financial and emotional of not being prepared for my personal disaster. I believe if I was better prepared, the level of impacted from the disaster would have been minuscule compared to what I and my family endured. It had taken us a number of years to recover.

After my personal disaster, I undertook an exercise to try and find information and tools that could have helped me. There is heaps of information, though often very hard to understand and found in many locations. Not everyone is inclined to read voluminous reports, wade through thousand of pages of check list….So I have undertook the exercise to consolidate and simplify to make it easy and fast for everyone to embrace and not just the gurus and experts.

One could say, my site is a 60 minute information pack in surviving disaster.