” Over 40 million people will be displaced due to emergencies”

9 Questions before buying an Disaster Shelter or making your home Disaster-Proof

Obtaining an emergency shelter can be an easy thing once you know your requirements. There are 9 essential questions to be asked to determine which one is appropriate for your needs. Essential thing like how they work, what are their key features as well as their true purpose. This article s is a brief overview the essential question to asked before purchasing an Emergency Shelter.

10 Natural Disasters and the Survival Preparedness lessons

There are many Survival Preparedness lessons learnt resulting from severe natural disasters. There is no way to predict these disasters and whether they happen in populated or remote areas. There are ways to be prepared for when they happen. This article highlights some of the major global natural disasters on record as well as providing a brief introduction of how to be better prepared if a natural disaster occurs.

Emergency Supply for a Disaster

Do I really need an Emergency Supply Kit for a Disaster or Emergency?

Most of the people don’t ask themselves what to do in case of an emergency? For most people that question usually comes too late, after disaster strikes. They think that what they see on TV can never happen to them and that there is no room for concern. However, that kind of attitude

The Basic Survival Requirement- First Aid Kits

Crisis’s and disasters happen all the time and that’s a fact. Whether it be a tornado, tsunami, terrorist attack, work related accident or something else, it is how prepared people are to provide first aid kits that can stand between living and dying. Being prepared is not just about having a first aid patch. first aid kits or first aid backpack; it’s also about vital skills in using these emergency supplies.